Email Scam targeting Parishioners

It has come to our attention that several Parishioners have received fraudulent emails that are part of a phishing scam. These particular emails appear to come from Fr. Derek or other staff, but it isn’t. Instead, the email is from criminal hackers who are trying to trick you into giving away your credit card/personal information or, in this case, purchasing gift cards and submitting the gift card numbers to the sender.

These types of scams are becoming more frequent in general, including in parish communities. We wanted to make you aware of this scam in case you receive a similar type of email that appears to be from Fr. Derek, Fr. Kevin or any Parish Priest or employee.  Please know these emails are fraudulent.

The RCAB Risk Management Office advises that you take the following steps to reduce your risk of being a victim:

* If a “friend” emails and asks for a password or other information, call or send a separate email to that friend to verify that they did indeed contact you. Do not “reply” to the suspicious email. Remember to STOP – CALL – CONFIRM.

* If you do not know the sender, delete the email.

* Even if you know the sender, if the email asks for sensitive info, delete the email.

* Do not follow or click on any unsolicited links.

* Do not send personal information.

* Never reveal your passwords, account numbers or PINS.

*Please do not hesitate to contact the Rectory or Parish offices if you receive any questionable or suspicious email communication which appears to be from Fr. Derek or any other parish employee.  Thank you.


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