G6-10 Edge & Confirmation

Welcome to the Youth Ministry Page of St. John & St. Thomas!  

For all questions regarding the G6-G7-G8 Edge/Alpha programs contact Dawn Alves, Pastoral Associate: dalves@peabodycatholic.org  

For all G9-G10 Confirmation questions contact Jessica Keefe, Youth Minister: youthministry@peabodycatholic.org

The Edge Program for G6-8 - Dawn Alves

The Confirmation Program for G9-10 - Jessica Keefe

Grade 9 Sandwich/Chip Sign up

G10 Confirmation Students - Click here to enter required information


St. John & St. Thomas   Youth Group

Teens currently in high school or college are invited to share their faith and discover a community of peers through dinner, prayer, socialand spiritual activities.  For parents seeking more information, or those willing to be added to a list of adult resources for the group, please mail:


For more info on youth and young adult evangelization  please visit:




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